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As a UK CAA Part M Subpart G approved Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation, UK Aviation Services are highly qualified to manage the continuing airworthiness of your aircraft. For a full list of the helicopters which the company is approved to manage, please take a look at our Approval Certificate here.

If you would like to discuss airworthiness management for your aircraft, please feel free to contact us.

UK CAA Airworthiness Review certificate

In addition to the Part M Subpart G approval detailed above, UK Aviation Services is also approved as an CAA Part M Subpart I Airworthiness Review Organisation.

Under this approval, the company is approved to carry out Airworthiness Reviews and Physical Surveys of EASA registered helicopters for the recommendation, issue or extension of an CAA Airworthiness Review certificate.

The company can carry out the airworthiness review on any CAA registered helicopter on our Part M Approval Schedule at any suitable facility worldwide.

Once the Airworthiness Review and Physical Survey have been completed satisfactorily, the company can then issue an CAA 15b or 15c for private registered aircraft or recommend that the NAA for the country of registration issue an CAA 15a for Commercially operated aircraft.


In support of the BCAR A8-23 maintenance organisation approval held by UK Aviation Services, the company is also approved as a BCAR A8-25 Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) allowing the company to manage the airworthiness records and maintenance requirements of Non-EASA and Annex II aircraft operating under a UK CAA National Airworthiness Review Certificate or a UK CAA National Permit to Fly. Our Approval Certificate can be viewed here.

National Airworthiness Review Certificate

Where a UK registered aircraft is considered to be Non-EASA or Annex II, it cannot hold an CAA ARC. The aircraft is flown under a National Airworthiness review Certificate which can be issued by UK Aviation Services.

The aircraft undergoes an Airworthiness Review involving a detailed inspection of all the aircraft records and a Physical Survey involving a thorough evaluation of the condition of the aircraft. Upon satisfactory completion of the review, UK Aviation Services issues the National Airworthiness Review Certificate which validates the Certificate of Airworthiness for a one year period.

If the aircraft remains under the control of UK Aviation Services for the next 12 months, the company can validate the certificate for another year. This process can be repeated following the second year.

At the end of three years, a full review must be completed and the process begins again.

Subject to completion of all maintenance and satisfactory completion of all reviews, the authorities are rarely involved in the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft.

National Permit to Fly

Where a UK registered aircraft has previously been operated by the military, it cannot hold an CAA Airworthiness Review Certificate. Under these circumstances, the aircraft holds a National Certificate of Airworthiness issued by the UK CAA which is validated by the issue of a National Permit to Fly.

Under our BCAR A8-25 Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) approval, UK Aviation Services can undertake an Airworthiness Review and Physical Survey of your aircraft to facilitate the issue of a National Permit to Fly which is valid for 12 months.