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All bookings are PPR and must be notified in advance. This can be done by phone (ATC 01253 472 527) or email (

When making your booking please provide the following details in this order:

  • Type of flight - Local, Circuits, Split detail, Departure or Arrival
  • Callsign/Registration
  • Type of Aircraft
  • Time of Arrival/Departure
  • To/From
  • Callsign
  • Flight duration
  • POB
  • Fuel Endurance
  • Any other details e.g. types of approaches requested, refuel required

All bookings are subject to traffic and staffing. You will be required to park on the Main Apron unless agreed with a based tennant who will take responsibility for your fees.

Circuit Directions

Runway 28 and 31 Right Hand

Runway 10 and 13 Left Hand

Types of Instrument Approaches Available

Runway 10
Timed NDB
Runway 28

Link to AIP for instrument plates


Reporting points, VRPs & Co-ordinates

Fleetwood (Golf Course) (535508N 0030243W)

Inskip (Disused Aerodrome) (534938N 0025003W)

Kirkham (Town) (534657N 0025217W)

Marshside (534147N 0025814W)

M55 Junction 4 (534737.98N 0025905.26W) (BPL 052° MAG / 2.0 nm)


Poulton (Railway Station) (535054N 0025925W)


St Anne's Pier (534456.75N 0030209.11W) (BPL 193° MAG / 1.5 nm)

Tall Tower (534856.95N 0030318.88W) (BPL 341° MAG / 2.8 nm) - pilots may be asked to route East/West abeam the Tall Tower before joining. 


All VFR arrivals must contact Warton LARS 129.530 in the first instance.

Warton LARS Operational Hours - Mon-Thu 0730-1900; Fri 0730-1700 Winter (Summer 1hr earlier)

Approaching from North

Restricted area R444 - Heysham Nuclear Power Station

2 Gas venting sites - Walney and SE of Carnforth

Reporting points: Fleetwood, Poulton, Garstang, Inskip, Kirkham, M55 J4 (Helicopters may be asked to report M55 J4 not above 600ft if circuit active/traffic joining circuit)

Cockerham, Cark - Parachute Centre & Gliding activity (when activity has been notified to us this will be broadcast on the ATIS.)

Approaching from East /North East

Gliding activity - Chipping

Microlight Activity - Pilling Sands, Hoghton, St Michaels, Rossall Field

Pilots may be asked to route via the M55

Restricted area - BETWEEN Preston & Blackpool is R312

Remain outside Warton ATZ

ASR Change, Barnsley & Holyhead regional pressure settings

Aim to achieve 2 way contact before crossing M6 inbound to Blackpool

Be aware of Blackpool tall tower location, when joining its likely you'll be asked to report East or West abeam (depending on runway in use)

Be aware of the possibility of confusion of Blackpool Aerodrome & Warton Aerodrome.

From South & South West

Manchester Low Level Corridor - Manchester AIP link

If you are routeing via coast - be aware of Woodvale ATZ check activities

ASR Change

Mon – Fri LARS is available with Warton Radar on 129.530

Remain outside Warton MATZ

Marshside VRP

Be aware of the possibility of confusion of Blackpool Aerodrome & Warton Aerodrome.

Please note any information provided in this section should not be used for operational purposes, refrence should be made to flight planning data such as the AIP or other commercially available software.

This map is taken from the AIP, some details are in the process of being updated.
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